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real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> jesse leaman
"Creating a film is a challenge. Creating one in 48 hours seems impossible when you look at it from the outside. We set out on this challenge with the overall intention to create something that intrigued the mind. I wanted people to be as confused as we were when we got our elements and started writing! And what an adventure it was coming up... Calling up actors and favors to be fulfilled in such little time. This is a challenge I would recommend all up and coming film makers. Not only was it fun but truly a learning experience for both me and my team."

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> pablo schmitt
"Creating a film in 48 hours put your skills and gear to test. Can you create a meaningful story in 48 hours and keep it under 7 minutes? We knew we could. So we participated in the signed up when WE wanted to, and created our Grand Prize winning story "The Deal". As grand prize winner, I was flown out to LA, California and screened my film at the Director's Guild of America. The camera and lens you see in the picture was all that was used to shoot my movie. Go for it! Create your winning film in 48 hours!"

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> sal hernandez
"Having our film screened at The Directors Guild of America was an opportunity only afforded by the 48Film Project. It was definitely an exceptional experience and chance to meet film makers from around the world. If you're a filmmaker here's your chance to be internationally recognized. There's nothing to compare to, it's an experience you'll never forget."

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> albert dalmau vidal
"48FILM Project is the only real deal for filmmakers from all over the planet. It was such a rushing challenge! We wrote, produced, shot and edited a 7 minute short-film in less than 48 hours! We had a great time and it was an amazing experience! This year space is limited! Don't waste time shoot your movie now. Furthermore, we finally had the chance to show our movie in the Director's Guild of America. What an honor!"

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> vassili rouan
"We created a 48 short film with a small French team This renowned film competition offers a global influence. Our short has be seen from people Internationally and especially from very respectful film industry professionals at the DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA in Hollywood. It was a great pleasure and we would love to do it again."

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> chris cronin
"One of the most challenging and rewarding film competitions to take part in.In just two days we had a finished film to be proud of and it was down to a talented and supportive bunch of people putting in everything they had. To think of what we achieved in the short space of time makes the mind boggle and you realize that you're capable of so much more as filmmakers which is thanks to 48FILM Project. I was also surprised at the reach that the international competition had, watching films from around the world where we could experience different cultures and stunning locations. Having received recognition for our film and knowing that it was screened in the Directors Guild of America in L.A was just more icing on the 48FILM cake."

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> olivier girard
"48FILM Project is a unique experience, where you can hang out and be creative with your friends, in 2 quick days! I would recommend to register now and doing it again and again. It is a fantastic opportunity to watch your short film screened in the house of the greatest directors of our time - The DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA in Hollywood. We all want to be there, that's for sure!"

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> rodman walker
"Finishing a film in under 48 hours felt impossible. Add the fact that you are competing with everyone from around the world and you have to think outside the box. This was an amazing experience and to be recognized for the hard work you put in and seeing your film at the Directors Guild of America in Los Angeles was surreal.You should def Shoot your 48FILM movie as well. I can't wait to do this again."

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span> michael lubin
"48FILM Project is just as inspiring as it is challenging. Having only 48 hours to make a short film really puts you to the test as a filmmaker. There's nothing like seeing your film on the BIG screen in front of your friends and fellow filmmakers and especially in the Directors Guild of America in front of reputable professionals. Shoot your 48 movie now without any further hesitation. This international short film competition will always have a staple in my journey as a filmmaker!"

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span>
"The 48Film Project is an amazing challenge not only to test your creativity but your leadership and efficiency as well. We accepted the challenge and had no regrets. Shoot your movie as well, register your team be part of the history. We highly recommend it for all filmmakers."

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span>
"Every film experience can be impactful to your film career if you take the time to have fun and learn from it. We were fortunate to have an incredible cast and crew that helped us make the most of our 48Film experience and grow as filmmakers. This summer Shoot as well a 48FILM Project. You never know what you're capable of doing until you put your foot forward and try. It was a great feeling to walk into the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood, to see our film screened."

real filmmakers <span>real quotes</span>
"All I can say is fantastic experience! I couldn’t believe how much fun I had during this shoot! It was nothing I thought it would be. I suggest you shoot for 48FILM Project now. Winners every year screen at the Directors Guild of America in Hollywood.I put my mind and body through an experience like no other, and it was such a creative process. This was definitely 48 hours to remember!I will do it again and again!"


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