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Hollywood, CA MArch 14 2015, 9. 00 a.m. PST

48FILM Project Announces Winners 2016

Executive Producer and 48FILM co founder Chris Siametis, with European famous stylists Stephania & Ioannis Angelopoulos with Royal family Prince Waldemar and Princess Antonia Schaumburg - Lippe.
Dr, Bobby Awadalla MD, founder of UVO (www.drinkuvo)
Award Winner Director Nancy Paton (CHOKE - UK) with hubby

The winners of the 2016 48FILM Project International short film competition are from around the world, with UK’s CHOKE capturing three of the top awards including Best Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography.

Leading global short film competition, the 48FILM Project, is honored to welcome sponsors MAGIX and VEGAS PRO Creative Software as well as Drink UVO, ANGELOPOULOS HAIR COMPANY, BRAZILIAN KERATIN treatment experts.

His Highness Prince Mario-Max Schaumburg-Lippe of Germany Host 8th Annual #48FILM Awards.

48FILM Project announces winners & sponsors for 2017.

LOS ANGELES - March 13, 2017 - PRLog -- The 48FILM Project, a leading online short film competition, has created one of the largest Grand Prizes in the genre’s history – a $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars, USD) production budget to film a feature film.

The #48FILM Project producers will be awarding the collective of winners (Best in each category) with a production budget of $100,000+ to make a feature film in the calendar year. Shooting will commence this summer in Greece.

"We have seen a new level of excellence this year that is a testament to the unsung skilled artists around the world. Our winners are a diverse cultural community and we are looking forward to seeing how their talent translates into feature filmmaking – long form storytelling." Said Executive Producer, Chris Siametis, "The 48FILM Project was created to provide a unique and powerful platform for creatives to showcase their work;  while the Grand Prize was initiated to take that skill set to a new, commercially viable level.”

United Kingdom captured the top awards with CHOKE (London, UK) taking home three including Best Film, Best Director for Nancy Paton, Best Cinematography for Liam Iandoli. While Victoire (France) nabbed Best Music original score for Matthew Morgan, and Actress Award in a Supporting role for Julia Robert. USA’s MORNINGWOOD won Best writing Award for original script, Gergana D. Angelova Best Film Editing Award for INSIGHT (BULGARIA). Canadian actor Oliver Price won Best Actor Award in a leading role for THE WANDERER (CANADA) and Tyler Derench Best actor in a supporting role Award for A NIGHT AT CAGNEY'S (USA), and Shannon Beeby for APPLES (USA), received Best actress in a leading role. The People’s Choice Award won THE NURSARY (USA).

Full list of 48FILM Project Winners 2015 is as follows:


Official Selection 48FILM Project 2016: (In alphabetical order)

  • CHOKE (UK)

The festival is made possible by the generous support of leading sponsors including: drinkUVO, MAGIX and VEGAS PRO Creative Software.

"The 48FILM Project is a unique opportunity for filmmakers to express creativity. Whether novice, professional or veterans - all submissions are judged equally. Beyond the competition, the 48FILM Project is a festival of opportunity.  Selected works are presented to industry decision makers," said Francesco Vitali, 48FILM Project Executive Producer, "we understand that the explosion of streamed entertainment created a seemingly unlimited need for quality entertainment. Concurrently production has evolved. Theatrically released films are being filmed on mobile phones. Virtually everyone is now able to create from the very devices they use on a day-to-day basis: mobile phone and a computer - making it possible for anyone to participate. The barriers to entry in the filmed entertainment arena are all but gone.  Over the years our winners have taught us new levels of ingenuity and shown us true creativity, which is why we encourage corporations and individuals alike to view the winning entries: you may find your next feature film/commercial/industrial director, writer, actor amongst our entries."


The 48FILM Festival online festival is open to everyone: beginner to professional, from all nations.  The competition opens in January and closes late November.  Once registered, a competing team selects a genre and when to start the clock. 48FILM Project provides three (3) elements that are required to be included: a character, a line and a prop. Filmmakers then have forty eight (48) hours to create a short film in English or with English subtitles, four (4) to seven (7) minutes in length and upload it to Creators retain the rights to their own intellectual property.

48FILM Project Jurors

With entries from more than 130 Countries of the world, the festival attracted some of the industry’s top decision makers for its 2016 Jury, including:

Scott Adler (Award winner producer "The Taking of Deborah Logan" “The Vault"), Ryan Carnes (Award-winning actor and producer, known for "Letters from Iwo Jima", directed by Clint Eastwood, "Doctor Who" and "Desperate Housewives"), Alex Cutler (Producer of Henry Barrial’s award-winning feature "PIG", "Don Peyote" with Anne Hathaway,and "UNTOGETHER" starring Ben Mendelsohn, Jamie Dornan.), Luke Daniels (Award winner producer of a string of Hollywood hits include "Yoga Hosers", "Outlaws and Angels", "Punching Henry", and "The Tiger Hunter"), Brandon K. Hogan (Producer for "Half Past Dead", "The Three Little Stooges", was also granted Additional Thanks for his contribution to "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice"), Michael Hothorn (Award winning casting director and Producer known for "Mr & Mrs Smith", "Minority Report", and "Planet of The Apes"), Joey Paul Jensen (Casting director of "The Three Little Stooges"and "Beautifully Broken". Nominated for Outstanding Achievement in Casting for "Soul Surfer" won the award for outstanding casting for "That’s So Raven"), Francesco Vitali (Producer and director for "Gates of Hades", as well as Founder and Executive Producer of the 48 FILM Festival)

Meet the 2016 Jurors

For more information, visit:

#48FILM Festival Socials:

Media Contact:
Wickid Pissa Publicity: Josh Michell
phone: +1. 781.267. 0123

Hollywood, CA February 5 2016, 9. 00 a.m. PST

Comedian Phillip Wilburn, seen on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, CONAN to host #48FILM Awards Feb 5, 2016

Comedian Phillip Wilburn, regarded as one of the top Donald Trump impersonators, will be hosting the #48FILM Festival Awards Show on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 at the Director’s Guild of America in Los Angeles.

Hollywood, CA January 22 2016, 9. 00 a.m. PST

48FILM Project Announces Winners Jan 22, 2016

The winners of the 2015 #48FILM Project short film competition are from around the world, with Italy’s CLARA capturing six of the top awards including Best Film.

Hollywood, CA January 10 2016, 9. 00 a.m. PST

48FILM Project Announces Sponsors Jan 08, 2016

Leading global short film competition, the 48FILM Project, is honored to welcome sponsors SONY Creative Software, SONY Software Catalyst Prepare and Vegas Pro.

48FILM Project Announces 2015 Jury Jan 04, 2016

The 48FILM Project, an online short film competition, announces jury of award winning, studio and network industry leaders for 2015 competition.

HRH Princess Theodora of Greece & Denmark joins 48FILM Project Jury Dec 31, 2015

The 48FILM Project is honored to welcome the participation of HRH Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark for the 2015 Jury. The festival is an international online short film competition, which heralds a $100,000 production budget as Grand Prize.

“T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents” Producer David Uslan joins 48FILM Project Jury Dec 31, 2015

"T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents” Producer and “Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch” Executive Producer David Uslan has joined the 2015 48FILM Project Jury. The short film competition heralds a $100,000 production budget as the Grand Prize.

Top film distributor Raven Banner Entertainment joins 48FILM Project Jury Dec 29, 2015

James Fler, Michael Paszt and Andrew Hunt of leading distribution company, Raven Banner Entertainment, have joined the 48FILM Project Jury. The festival is an international online short film competition, with a $100,000 production budget prize.

Emmy Award Winning Producer-Director Jennifer Champagne joins 48FILM Project Jury Dec 18, 2015

The 48FILM Project has landed the participation of Emmy Award winning Producer-Director Jennifer Champagne for the 2015 Jury. The festival is an international online short film competition heralding a $100,000 production budget as the Grand Prize.

Lionsgate’s “Hellbenders” & “JUNE” producer Gregor Habsburg joins 48FILM Project Jury Dec 14, 2015

48FILM Project has nabbed “Hellbenders” and “June” award winning producer Gregor Habsburg to join the 2015 Jury. The festival is an international online short film competition, which heralds a $100,000 production budget as the Grand Prize.

“Gotham” “Spartacus” “Longmire” Award winning Director TJ Scott joins 48FILM Project Inc Dec 11, 2015

The 48FILM Project has nabbed top Director, TJ Scott to join the 2015 Jury; the festival is an international online short film competition, which heralds a $100,000 production budget as the Grand Prize.

Award Winning Casting Director Victoria Burrows joins 48FILM Projects Jury Dec 10, 2015

Star maker Victoria Burrows, who has won countless awards for casting such films as THE WALK, POLTERGEIST, THE LORD OF THE RINGS & THE HOBBIT trilogies, CASTAWAY, KING KONG... joins 48FILM Project Jury, an international online short film competition.

Hitman & Agent 47 Producer Daniel Alter joins 48FILM Project Jury Dec 08, 2015

Producer of mega features “Hitman” and “Agent 47”, Daniel Alter joins the 48FILM Project Jury, an international online short film competition, which heralds a $100,000 production budget as the Grand Prize.

48FILM Project to award $100,000 budget for feature film as Grand Prize Nov 24, 2015

International online short film competition, 48FILM Project sets new standard in Grand Prize awards with an opportunity to shoot a feature film with over $100,000.



Hollywood, CA February 9 2015, 9. 00 a.m. PST


$48,000+ Budget for the winning filmmakers to shoot a feature film

A diversity of short filmmaking talent gathers at the DGA on 24th February.

Winners of the global online 48FILM Project short film competition fly in to Hollywood later this month to collect their awards. The Ceremony and Screening takes place on Tuesday 24th February at the Directors Guild of America in Sunset Boulevard before industry professionals and movie fans. This year's Top 15 includes entries from the USA, UK, France, Greece, Spain, Australia, Russia and Slovakia.

This year's scoop is that 48FILM Project producers have picked the best of the winners to put together a dream team to make a feature with a budget of $48,000 already in place. Pre-production is underway. Shooting will commence in the autumn, with locations to be announced later in the year.

Said Executive Producer, Francesco Vitali, "We are deeply excited at the prospect of working with a crew drawn from so many diverse cultures. The synergy will be fantastic. No other short film contest offers such a unique opportunity to filmmakers."

48FILM Project International "Dream Team" and Category Winners

  • Director Chris Cronin (UNKILLABLE, Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Cinematographer Alex Stone (UNKILLABLE, Manchester, United Kingdom)
  • Writers (Joint) Sal Hernandez – Pablo Schmitt (THE DEAL, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA)
  • Editors (Joint) Aaron Morgan (THE MALIGNANT 8, El Paso, Texas) – Michael Lubin (HICCUPS, Thousand Oaks, CA)
  • Actor Sal Hernandez (THE DEAL, Corpus Christi, Texas)
  • Actress (Joint) Julia Creus (IN THE BOX, Valls, Spain) – Fiamma Bennet (KIDNAPPING, Paris, France)
  • Producer Vassili Rouan (KIDNAPPING, Paris, France)

Six entries from the USA made it into the TOP 15. The Deal (Corpus Christi, Texas) scooped the Grand Prize, and Hiccups (Thousand Oaks, CA) won the People's Choice Award. Two further entries, both from California, Finding 48 and Revolver won places in the Official Selection, a total of three entries from this state to be placed. The full list of winners is given below.

48FILM Project Winners 2014

Best Film

Runner Up - Best Film

2ND Runner Up - Best Film

Official Selection 48FILM Project 2014

(In alphabetical order)


People's Choice Award HICCUPS (USA - CALIFORNIA)

Commenting on the win, co-Executive Producer, Chris Siametis, says, “48FILM Project provides a gateway to filmmakers around the world to get noticed. We want to encourage filmmakers at all stages of their career to create something of value and quality. Our goal is to make it as easy and attractive as possible for filmmakers from around the world to enter. A contestant only needs ambition and an Internet connection.” A good sprinkling of talent helps, it should be said, to transport a young hopeful from obscurity to the Hollywood stage.

The competition is open to anyone aged 18+ around the world, and runs from late January until 20th November each year. For more information and how to enter, go to 48FILM Project site.

About 48FILM Project

48FILM Project is a multi-cultural, global, competition for every budding filmmaker who has access to the Internet.

The absolute freedom of a filmmaker

Participants choose when and where to shoot, direct, edit, write and produce their 4-7 min short movie. Some preparation is permitted before logging on and pressing the "Start My Competition" button, which starts the 48-hour clock ticking. This rich project line reaches out to artists in various communities. Participants require no experience; they may be aspiring or professionals. There are rules, but creative freedom is encouraged, as well as the challenge of including three given required elements: a character, a dialog line and prop, issued randomly by the system.

Top 15 Winners screen every year at the House of the greatest Directors of all times, The Directors Guild of America in Hollywood. Also great selected best winners get a $48,000 budget to shoot a feature film next year.

The Judges Panel 2014

48FILM Project judges are industry professionals, comprising experts in a wide range of skills and experience. This year's panel included

James Cullen Bressack, Peter Claridge, Yorgos Frentzos, JP Magarola, Paul Salmons, Nadeem Soumah, Jon Ryan Sugimoto, Tushar Tyagi, Leo Wong, Francesco Vitali.

Meet the Judges:

For further information:

# End #

Press enquiries:

Fiona Faith Ross

Phone: +1 310 279 5171
433 N Camden Drive Suite 600
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Screening - Awards Poster 2014

February 18 2014, download.

48 FILM Project Launches Unprecedented 2014 Short Film Contest for Chance to Shoot a Hollywood Feature Film

Budding film makers are being invited to flex their story telling muscles in a one of a kind short film competition this year with the winning team taking home the ultimate prize – the director’s seat, writer’s table and producer credit on a Hollywood feature film.

With a budget already in place for the flick, the unprecedented prize sets the 48FILM Project apart as the hottest opportunity of 2014 for film buffs with a passion for making moves.

The utterly unique contest challenges entrants to create a compelling short film in 48 hours by working in teams. Uniting would-be filmmakers from across the globe, 48FILM Project is consuming movie fans around the globe in bursts of creativity. Open to professional or amateur, everyone is eligible to enter at any point through the year.

In previous years, the top 15 winners have screened their shorts at the ultra glamorous, ultra prestigious Cannes International Film Festival. Last year, the top 15 winners were rewarded with a screening at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Theatre in Beverly Hills.

New for 2014, 48FILM Project will select a superstar team from the short film contest entrant’s reel to make a feature film in Hollywood and provide a budget of $48,000. This once in a lifetime prize is unique and exclusive to 48FILM Project and will see the best producer, best director and the best writer from the 2014 entrants joining together to create a dream team of winners. The chosen few will be taken to Hollywood in 2015 for the once in a lifetime experience of shooting a feature film.

Francesco Vitali, the mastermind behind 48 Projects Inc. and executive producer of the 48FILM Project said, “We love filmmakers! All of us in 48FILM Project are filmmakers, writers, producers, cinematographers, directors, actors and film industry people. We are fresh, web savvy, and very artsy. We are the present and the future! The 48FILM PROJECT is a totally unique online international short film competition. It is not unlike any other 48 hour or hours, or days, or time or festival you might know or have happened to participate in before. In 48FILM PROJECT, we love what we do... like every filmmaker!”

But what make different 48FILM Project from any other similar short film competitions? Chris Siametis, co- executive producer of the short film fest explained, “In 48FILM Project, creators keep the rights to their own intellectual property. The rights of their film belong to the creators. It’s your film’s freedom. You choose your genre, so no surprises, and you choose when you are ready to shoot your short.“Weekday or weekend, morning or night, from whereever in the world you are. All you need is an Internet connection and your creativity and talent! No other online short film competition offers such a fantastic prize – it really is the ultimate dream come true for any filmmaker and any aspiring writer, producer or director. This is a once in a lifetime chance to go to Hollywood with a budget in place and shoot a feature film. We are incredibly excited about this prize, which even tops our previous Cannes film festival and Samuel Goldwyn Theatre premiers.

“Entry is open through November 15th 2014, so grab your crew and get planning your short. Our global online festival is based on creativity, energy and mobility. Be original, make your movie and win big!”

An international short film competition, 48FILM Project challenges participants to create a complete short film in just two days and change their future in 48 hours. There is more than $10,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs with the top 15 films also winning a Hollywood screening.

Francesco Vitali added, “For us, everyone who completed a short film within 48 hours is already a winner. Even more important than the awards are the opportunities this competition will open up. Find your niche. You've known it for years, but maybe you haven't known how to get started or how to break free from the mould. Here's your chance to create something from the heart, something that shows your true genius, the potential within. It's time to stop hiding and show the world what you can do with your camera! So go for it!”

48FILM Project entrants are given total freedom to choose the day and time they will compete. Its innovative take on short film content rules gives teams the chance to create their own schedule, rather than imposing a fixed date or time for filming to take place. Participants can also enter as many times as they like through the year. A global multi-cultural project, the competition is open to any budding filmmaker with access to the internet, allowing any person from any background to stake their claim to the coveted prize and grab the world’s attention with their own personal take on movie making.

To find out more and set the clock ticking on the 48 hour challenge visit


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