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48 Go Green Festival 2022

Our International ecological short film competition opens now, and the last day to submit your film is October 31, 2022. Filmmakers can submit as many entries as they want during the competition year. We don't limit contestants to one participation.*

Also, starting this year, you can become a VIP member for the whole year, shooting and registering your movies FOR FREE Unlimited times per year! VIP Members also has the right to vote for the 48 Go Green People's Choice Award!

How to Enter

Filmmakers should register their teams with Team leaders have time to prepare before pressing the "start my competition" button.
Between registration and starting the competition, teams have time to prepare. Here's the pre-production work teams can do:

  • Organise the team
  • Cast the actors
  • Procure equipment
  • Secure use of locations

We strongly advise contestants to check The Rules for the tasks not permitted before starting their competition.

The 48 hours competition period includes:
  • Script writing
  • Directing
  • Costume design and creation
  • Props and set design and building
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Sound recording
  • Processing
  • Production


Ready to shoot?

To start your Competition Clock

Log in to your profile page.

Click the button "Start my Competition".

Choose your ecological theme and shoot with any genre of your choice.

The system assigns three required elements: a character, a dialogue line and a prop, which must be included in the film.

The 48-hour countdown has started and this begins the team's competition slot.

About the 3 Elements

Our system generates three elements at random when the team starts their competition. These are a character, a line of dialogue, and a prop.

No two entries receive the same combination of elements. The assignment of components is unique to each film submitted to the 48 Go Green Festival.

To complete a 48 Go Green Festival Competition Entry

At the end of the 48-hour production slot, contestants should upload their completed film, with titles, in one of the specified file formats. The organizers allow two additional hours to upload an entry.

These instructions and prompts are given on the team's profile page to guide contestants through the entry process.

Register here for the 48 GO GREEN Festival Online Competition


The last chance to compete in our International Go Green short film competition is October 31, 2021.

Voting Process and Judging Panel

Viewing and voting on the submissions will be open to the public for 5 consecutive days after the finalists are announced. Only Pro Members can vote for the People's Choice Award. The organizers invite award-winning movie industry professionals to form our judging panel and select our 48 Go Green Top 20 final prizewinners. Winners will be announced at the Awards Ceremony.

Awards & Screening Ceremony

The culmination of the 48 Go Green Festival competition year is our Awards And Screening Ceremony in Hollywood. All winning entries are screened before an audience of movie professionals and movie fans.

All entries stream live on

Got Questions?

For more information visit the FAQ or visit and raise a ticket to ask your question.

**Each entry requires payment of a new registration fee unless you are a VIP member who can enter the competition for FREE UNLIMITED per year!.

Learn more about VIP UNLIMITED Membership here:


In order to signup you must accept the Terms and Conditions.

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