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Omega Alpha ( ΩA ) by JPS Production

Country   Italy

City   Rome

Genre : Drama

Character : ROMA MARRIOTT - Runway model

Line : Come on, do not give me a hard time.

Prop : a skull

Summary :
A man is forced to live in an eternal retaliation because of the errors he made in the past. His punishment consists in the impossibility to achieve any form of pleasure. It will be the victim of his greatest violence to reveal to him the truth: he is living his endless hell.

omega alpha ( Ωa ) by JPS Production
Francesco Fulvio Ferrari
Flavia Bruscia
Marco Minciarelli
Francesco Fulvio Ferrari
Director Photography
Sandra Bidoli
Music Composer
Jacopo Manzo
Production Designer
Federica Quartullo
Edoardo Montegrandi
Lorenzo Pietro Faggiolati
Lead Cast
Marco Cicalese
Marilena Anniballi
Romana Maggiora Vergano
Associate Producers
Costume Designer
Arianna Fontini
Unit Production Manager
Fiorenza Villano
Giovanna Cannizzaro
Michele Canino
Assistant Director
Marco Minciarelli
Full Cast Character List
Marco Cicalese as The Man
Marilena Anniballi as Roma Marriott
Romana Maggiora Vergano as The Women
Lorenzo Pietro Faggiolati as The Lifter
Stunt Dept
Sandra Bidoli
Jumar Gonzalo
Azzurra Stirpe
Emanuele Sica
Assistant Editors
Visual Effects
Song Credits



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