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Gluten Free by The Castellano Crime Family

Country   United States

State   Georgia

City   Loganville

Genre : Dark (Black) Comedy

Character : ZOE DAWIT - Driving instructor

Line : Who are you and what do you want?

Prop : coat

Summary :
After an accidental tragedy, a man gets distracted with people constantly coming to his house. He must stop them from finding out what happened.

Aaron Wynia
Daniel O'Keefe
Aaron Wynia
Daniel O'Keefe
Dave Rajkumar
Director Photography
Daniel O'Keefe
Music Composer
Daniel O'Keefe
Production Designer
Nico Castellano
Dan Oakes
Daniel O'Keefe
Lead Cast
Aaron Wynia
Chelsea Howard
Josh Wender
Nico Castellano
Daniel O'Keefe
David Allen
Eric Wagner
Dave Rajkumar
Associate Producers
Samantha Janco
Jason Mills
Nico Castellano
John Schmarkey
Ashlyn Williams
Costume Designer
Dave Rajkumar
Unit Production Manager
Dave Rajkumar
Assistant Director
Nico Castellano
Full Cast Character List
Aaron Matthew Wynia as Gene Edgar Dawit
Chelsea Howard as Zoe Dawit
Josh Wender as Mail Man
Nico Castellano as Javier
Daniel O'Keefe as The Drunk
David Allen as The Neighbor
Eric Wagner as Brother
Dave Rajkumar as Zoey's Boss
Stunt Dept
Nico Castellano
Daniel O'Keefe
Johnny Schmark
Tyrone Barks
Assistant Editors
Nico Castellano
Visual Effects
Dan Oakes
Song Credits
New Fad Zoo



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