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Chain of Life by Actors Loft

Country   United States

State   MI

City   Detroit

Genre : Drama

Character : C. Lee Volunteer

Line : When does she arrive?

Prop : Keys

Summary :
Directed By: Hugh Gall Written by: Jeffrey T. Morgan, Hugh Gall, Darrin James Story by: George Avgoustis, Ozie Cargile II, George Greenough, and The Actors Loft
Cinematographer: Jeffrey T. Morgan
Editors: Doug Austin, Jeffrey T. Morgan
Music: Ozie Cargile II, Alison Donahue
Assistant Director:Ravindra Kharmai
Producers: Annette Marchesi, George Greenough, Ravindra Kharmai, Hugh Gall, Andrew Tomlinson, Jeffrey T. Morgan
Associate Producers: Dale Reynolds, P. J. Edwards

Mother: Karin Nelson
Father:Darrin James
CEO: Charlie McQuillen
Lawyer: Greg Dimitroff
Analyst: Brandon Goree
Critical Boardwoman: Mindy Rodriguez
Marketing: Ozie Cargile II
Board Members: Diana Jellinek, Darlene Boucharre, JoVaun Reed
Volunteer:Danielle Mazur
Microorganism: Williw McDaniel
Minnow: Annette Marchesi
Rainbow Trout: Robin Clary
Baby: Adrian Jellinek
Extras: Dante Ercolani, Doug Austin, James Spray, Dewey Spray,Jennifer Bur

Sound: Doug Austin, Mike Hartman, James Spray, Ravindra Kharmai
Gaffers: Mike Hartman, Keith Faychak, James Spray, Jeffrey T. Morgan
Make-up:Keith Faychak, Robin Clary
Craft Services: Gayle Sokolsky
Production Assistants: Brandon Goree, Danielle Mazur, P. J. Edwards, Diana Jellinek
Wardrobe: Annette Marchesi, Diana Jellinek, Jennifer Bur
Locations: Annette Marchesi

Special Thanks: Tracy Kash Thomas, Lawrence Technological University, Planet Four Films a Factory Productions presentation in association with The Actors Loft & Prometheus Motion Pictures

© 2011

Director Photography
Music Composer
Production Designer
Lead Cast
Associate Producers
Costume Designer
Unit Production Manager
Assistant Director
Full Cast Character List
Stunt Dept
Assistant Editors
Visual Effects
Song Credits



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