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Screening - Awards Ceremony - Winners 2015 Poster

Screening AND Awards Ceremony Winners 2015

48film festival 2015-2016 event

This year we had the great honor to a very TOP Comedian as our show host. Mr.Phillip Wilburn.

On behalf of our Executive Producers we wanted to thank Mr. Wilburn infinitely for going out of your way to create the most memorable and hilarious #48Film Awards Gala to date!

A very gifted and truly talented artist that brought such intelligence, light and laughter to the evening, we can not thank him enough!

From all of us, at the 48film thank you again Mr.Phillip Wilburn.

48ers, filmmakers, royals

and philanthropists attended #48Film Festival Award Gala, celebrating the top films of the global short film competition from 2015.

Hosted by Comedian Phillip Wilburn at the Director’s Guild of America, in Los Angeles, the festival is sponsored by Sony and Magnus Capital, and heralds a $100,000 feature film production budget as a Grand Prize.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Host, Phillip Wilburn (seen on Conan, Kimmel, Tonight Show) came out as Donald Trump on the heels of the New Hampshire win
  • Daniel Alter, producer of “Hitman” and “Agent 47” provided the opening key note presentation
  • Festival Co-Founder Francesco Vitali and Bold & Beautiful actress Theodora Greece – who is actually HRH Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark – the youngest daughter of King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie, presented the festival winners including Marco Santi who’s film “Clara” swept the festival, capturing the top six awards
  • Festival Co-Founders/Executive Producers Francesco Vitali and Chris Siametis, joined Festival Executive Producer Brett Wolcott of title sponsor Magnus Capital on stage with 2015 winners and jurors Victoria Burrows, Daniel Alter, HRH Princess Theodora and Gregor Habsburg
  • “Dying to Live” star Rashawn Vaughn presented the winners
  • ABC’s “Day Break” star, Victoria Pratt presented the films in Official Selection
  • “Hellbenders” Producer Gregor Habsburg presented the producer’s selection of films out of official selection.
  • Resident Evil star Spencer Locke was seen talking to 300: Rise of an Empire actor Bo Roberts and 12 Monkeys actor, Adrian Spencer

The red carpet saw many familiar faces including: Sin City/Breaking Bad’s Patrick Sane and Erin Reed; Young & Restless’s Kate Linder, Copy Cat’s William McNamara; Night Walk’s Nawal Bengholam; Rhianna’s Red To Rock Designer Andre Soriano; Private School’s Marina Kazankova;

The winning shorts of 2015, chosen by the judges-a studded cast of movie professionals -as the best 15 entries from participants, from all around the world.

48FILM Project Jurors are leading industry professionals, comprising experts in a wide range of skills and experience.
This year's panel included:

  • Daniel Alter (Producer “Hitman”, “Agent X”)
  • Victoria Burrows (Casting Director for Zemeckis, Jackson & Spielberg “Hobbit” & LOTR trilogies; "The Walk”, “Polar Express”, “A Christmas Carol”, “Castaway"; "Adventures of Tin Tin”)
  • Jennifer Champagne (Emmy winning Producer/VFX Producer “NCIS”, “Profiler”)
  • James Fler (Distributor - partner Raven Banner, international distribution)
  • Gregor Habsburg (Award winning Producer - "June", “Hellbenders”)
  • HRH Princess Theodora of Greece and Denmark (aka Theodora Greece, award winning actor “Little Boy”, “June”, “Bold & Beautiful”(TV))
  • Michael Paszt (Distributor - partner Raven Banner, international distribution)
  • TJ Scott (award winning Director “Gotham”, “Damien”, “Orphan Black”, “Spartacus”, “Longmire”)
  • David Uslan (Producer/Executive Producer “T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents”, “Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch”)

Meet the 2015 Jurors:


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