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The Duo by Artistic Aura Entertainment

Country   United States

State   New York

City   Bronx

Genre : Action

Character : WILLOW BROWN - Literature student

Line : Believe me, you have not heard the last of this.

Prop : Knife

Summary :
Thug Boss finds out he was robbed and hires an assassin to fined the traitor (Anthony) who he believes has the money. When Assassin finds Anthony, he kills everybody at his birthday party and takes off with the money leaving a witness behind (Kelly). Thug Boss finds out about this wintess and sends out his men to find her and kill her. Its up to Kelly now to stay alive and stop this mad man from killing her.

Miguelina Olivares
Miguelina Olivares
Miguelina Olivares
Director Photography
Matt Bilzok
Music Composer
Winston De Jesus
Production Designer
Miguelina Olivares
Miguelina Olivares
Lead Cast
Miguelina Olivares
Albert Nouel
Stan J Adams
Associate Producers
Costume Designer
Unit Production Manager
Assistant Director
Tracey Pine
Larry Rivera
Full Cast Character List
Miguelina Olivares as Kelly
Stan J Adams as Thug Boss
Albert Nouel as Assassin
Angelo Vega as Anthony
Victor Cruz as Thug two
Mike Ventura as Thug one
Luis Moreta as Thug three
Jhon De Jesus as Thug four
Mike Ventura as Thug five
Hugo Rubio as Party Friend
Vincent Matias as Willow Brown- Literature Student
Juan Olivares as Forensic Employee
Edith Diaz as Police Officer
Tiffany Browne Tavarez as Detective White
Thomas Occhi as Detective Russo
Stunt Dept
Hector Soria
Kerwin Garcia
Assistant Editors
Visual Effects
Miguelina Olivares
Song Credits
Winston De Jesus



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