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The Last Step by Broken Television Entertainment

Country   United States

State   Michigan

City   Fraser

Genre : Thriller or Suspense

Character : JONATHON LUMSDEN - Chemist

Line : They will rip us apart.

Prop : Secret Book

Summary :
Jonathan Lumsden has worked hard his entire life to get where he is, but when his secret black book that he keeps all of the notes for some of his "off the record" shadier experiments is discovered by his boss, he loses his dream job and is about to be dragged through the dirt by the media once it's contents are released. He now struggles to cover his tracks while his conscience and inner need for self preservation do battle inside himself as he's just about to take the last step.

Peter Putman
Justin Diemert
Justin Diemert
Nicholas Cushman
David Adamczyk
Director Photography
Peter Putman
Music Composer
Andrew Kramer
Production Designer
Nicholas Cushman
Justin Diemert
Peter Putman
Justin Diemert
Lead Cast
Nicholas Cushman
Associate Producers
Costume Designer
Unit Production Manager
Katy Shepard
Kris Wright
Assistant Director
Full Cast Character List
Nicholas Cushman as Jonathan Lumsden
Justin Diemert as Mr. Sinister
Mike Tramblay as Mr. Bello
Kris Wright as News Reporter
Stunt Dept
Peter Putman
David Adamczyk
JoNee Harris
Philip Stramaglia
Assistant Editors
David Adamczyk
Visual Effects
Song Credits



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