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Area Producer Brazil

48 Film Project is recruiting an Area Producer to head up our international online movie competition in Brazil. Based in any major city of Brazil, you are someone with a passion for the fabulous tradition of Brazilian filmmaking, a creative drive combined with a head for business, a sharp eye on the bottom line and hungry for success. It's a great opportunity for someone in a country with a dynamic, online, media-savvy culture.

48 Film Project Area Producer Brazil

  • Touch base with us at 48 Film Project HQ. We like regular updates.
  • Recruit your teams through word of mouth, local media and advertising and promotion.
  • Make sure they receive news of promotions, special offers and events. Keep them informed and included.
  • Create and promote your local events to local communities. People love a good show! Display your teams' fab work and spread the love!
  • Get sponsors on board to partner with you for financial and promotional support. A good brand name can significantly raise your project's profile and don't forget, they need the exposure too.
  • We'll create your Country Page for you. Feed your social media regularly and monitor your stats to keep awareness high.
  • Even better, as an Executive Producer, you have a place on the Judges' Committee to vote in the Final Awards.

What you need

  • You must be an inspirational and enthusiastic leader and a good communicator.
  • To set up your County area, you must be a good planner and organizer, familiar with local conditions and culture.
  • You need to crunch the numbers, keep control of those finances.
  • You should have both an understanding of the creative process of making films and the organisational and technical skills that support it.
  • To promote your teams well, you should be media, social media and internet proficient and demonstrate your passion and enthusiasm.
  • Previous experience in film production or events planning is required.


We can offer great rewards. The sky's the limit! There are lots of good things up for grabs for our area producers who work hard. Everything depends on your experience and efforts. You produce the results, and we support you along the way.


At the end of the competition year, we hold our Award Ceremonies and the Winners' Screenings in Hollywood. You could also earn free tickets and accommodation to join us in the celebrations! It's a great chance to network with the people who matter. In addition, you'll get exclusive memorabilia, invitations to prestige events and more.

Powerful Unlimited Support

To ensure your region runs smoothly, we offer the following support:

  • A manual with tons of information and helpful hints on being a great Area Producer!
  • The framework for the international and local competitions – rules, infrastructure, paperwork, etc.
  • Website and social media promoting the online and local events.
  • A main focus to attract a sophisticated base.
  • Rights to films for local screening events.
  • Assistance with marketing, press, and public relations.
  • Legal agreements and consultation to run your area smoothly.
  • Design and art work to promote the competition in your area.
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