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Shant Dolbakian

Shant Dolbakian is a Toronto based award-winning Director, Screenwriter, Editor and Actor.

He has experience in cinematography, visual effects, end editing. He always edits his own films.

Shant grew up in a small town in northern Italy. As a child always experimented with the family camcorder and as a teenager he directed a comedy web series with his friends. After a few years of studying visual effects and film techniques, in 2011 Shant decided to leave everything and move to Toronto to pursue his career more seriously.

As a director and writer Dolbakian found his voice through several dark shorts. He wrote and directed The Fix (2012) a critically acclaimed short drama starring two kids dealing with a tragic past. The film premiered at the Toronto Global Community Film Festival and received hundreds of positive reviews.

Right after he wrote and directed Happy Days (2012) made for the 48 Go Green Interntional Eco Film Festival and won the Best Film Prize. The film screened at the ACADEMY of Motion Picture Arts and Science last April during the 3rd Annual 48 GO GREEN International Eco film Fest.

Dolbakian's latest work is True Human (2013), his most ambitious dark film so far. The film is now in the distribution phase.

Shant Dolbakian