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Why Online? Why 48 Go Green?

1. Yesterday was a local event, but the present and the future is Online. This will be an International unveiling of today's creativity. No need to fool around with yesterday's way of doing things.
2. Keep the rights to your film. Retaining the rights to your art is of major importance to all artists, and filmmakers are no exception. 48 Go Green believes in the integrity of your intellectual property.
1. Participate from anywhere on Earth! And now, participate whenever you want to, any time in 2013! Anyone with an Internet connection can participate and choose when they have the time and resources to create a film. Scheduling and travel arrangements are no longer barriers to creativity.
4. Save money, save time! Time is money, isn't it? When you have 48 hours, every second counts and every penny counts as well. You can just log in, get your assignments and common elements. Then shoot, run, and upload your film. That's it!
5. Showcase your film to the Pros with a screening in Hollywood! This is your chance to present your film to elite professionals in the business. Go for the real thing. Find out more here:
6. Expose your talent all over the world! We will stream the movies on our site and give the power to the People of the world. As for our judges, they will be industry professionals that know how to work a camera! Film critics need not apply.
7. Minimalist approach. With only 48 hours to film, you need to get to basics. All you need to be this year's Grand Prize winner is your camera, a laptop and a Wi-Fi connection. It is easier than ever!
8. Great Prizes! The Global Best film of 48 Go Green 2013 will get more than $10,000, in cash and prizes, including tickets and accommodations to the Hollywood screening.
9. Keep your strength! You will not be wasting gas to travel to a few select cities across the globe. No squandering your own creative energy because of travel and other time sinks. So be part of the present and let’s write history for the future with your short.