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In 2009, an ecological institution began in Athens, Greece. Francesco Vitali, Executive Producer, and Christos Siametis, Producer, paired up to bring the world an exciting new idea. Their plan was to give creatives all over the Earth the opportunity to compete together in a worldwide film project with ecological themes. To test the potential of this unique vision, Athens was chosen as the pilot city for 2009, and Athens 48 Go Green 2009 was an overwhelming success. In 2011, the 48 Go Green project began to reach its true potential by going global.

2013 brings even more exciting growth to 48 Go Green! This year, we have changed the format so that anyone can participate whenever they are ready. Register your team now and compete ANYTIME you like. Do you also want to compete more than ones? You got it! Now you able to participate as many times as you like, whenever you like. All you need is an internet connection!

An online competition of this magnitude not only brings the world together for a common cause, but it also appeals to common sense. An ecological film festival should be concerned with conserving resources, and with 48 Go Green, there will be no need to drive long hours, wasting gas, other resources and time. No one has to rent a hotel room, or worry about finding the money to participate. Because the competition is an online one, it breaks down these barriers. No one is excluded; this is truly an event open to the whole world.

Why Online? Why 48 Go Green?

We all share in the responsibility for taking care of and saving our home, the Planet Earth. In 48 Go Green, the power of imagination - one of the mightiest forces in existence - will be focused towards preserving and improving the beautiful planet we all call home.

In 2011, 48 Go Green became the most creative short film competition on the internet. 2011's Grand Prize winner was awarded direct participation in the Cannes International Film Festival, accompanied by a $5000 cash prize. Additionally, the 16 top films of 48 Go Green had the chance to be projected in the NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 9-14, 2011.

Every year has built on the success of the one before. Every time we try even harder to make your dreams come true, to promote your talent to the world.

In 2012, the Top 15 winners screened their shorts at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences ‘ prestigious Samuel Goldwyn Theater, in Beverly Hills!

It was a unique opportunity for the filmmakers.

This year AGAIN the winner of the Grand Prize will receive $10,000 in cash and prizes, including the opportunity to show their film in Hollywood!.

So Hurry register your team now!

48 Go Green is a huge event! It's an avant-garde film festival that gives you the opportunity to take a stand against the ecological destruction taking place on our planet. 48 Go Green’s goal is to challenge you to shout out against all that provokes you!

In theory, we all love the earth and support ecology. In practice, what do we really do to change things? This is your chance! Get out there and portray the destruction of the planet on camera. Film is an important medium that sinks directly into the hearts of those who watch it. You know that the wanton disregard for our planet that happens on an everyday basis is morally wrong, so do your parts to save the planet, with one strong message - a 48 Go Green short film!